Our Vision

For Bay Area native, Lisa Alice Baugh, healthy living has always been a passion for her. Trying to catch up with Lisa is no easy task. Most of the time you will find her walking the park, playing basketball, running the beach, or even competing in a triathlon. After studying many different styles of exercise like yoga, pilates and circuit training, she has mastered a formula for everyone to lead a healthy and better lifestyle. Lisa knows first hand all the benefits that come along with living a healthy lifestyle and she wants to share it with you, so you can become a better you.

Joining Better body is like making a new friend. 

We want to give you the right tools to have an independent healthy lifestyle. Once you join Better Body you will have access to personal training sessions and group sessions. During your personal sessions we will get to know you. Everyone's lifestyle is different so their workout should be to. The group sessions are here to help you change up your routine and keep you motivated. The group sessions will provide a fun social environment. Working out with your peers is always better. Let us get to know you. Work, Family, your likes and dislikes are all factors we consider before designing the perfect program for you. If you're a person that is often on the "move", Better Body will periodically send you text messages that will remind you to stay on the right track or motivate you to get through your day. Follow us on Twitter @betterbodytoday and you will find workout tips, great advice and a ton information that will help lead the way to a better days and a better life.


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